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Getting your child their first phone can be a worrying time for parents. To help, EE has teamed up with Beano to provide tips and advice on how, with the help of the EE PhoneSmart Licence, you can help your kids to learn to stay safe and be kind online, giving you peace of mind ♡.

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Dennis & Gnasher


Watch the video to join Dennis and Minnie as they jump head-first into the phone world, experiencing the ups and downs, and getting to grips with the dos and don’ts.

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Surfing the web unsupervised – watch with your kids then share these great tips:

  1. Set up web filters so you don’t see things you shouldn’t. On an Apple device, this can be done in your screen time settings. On Android, this can be done on SafeSearch settings.
  2. If anyone is mean to you, you can mute, block and report them, and tell a responsible adult.
  3. Your phone can tell where you are, but that means other people on the web may be able to find out too. You should never share your location with strangers – you can turn off your geolocation in settings.
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Downloading apps and games – watch with your kids then share these great tips:

  1. Apps have a minimum age limit, while games have a PEGI rating so you can see if it’s appropriate for you. The age rating can be found listed where you downloaded the app, and a game’s PEGI rating can be found on the PEGI website
  2. It’s easy to lose track of time, so set reminders to take a break using your phone’s timer.
  3. Give your eyes and brain a rest. You can see how long you’ve spent on an app in your screentime settings.
  4. Go to settings and turn off notifications when it’s time to get some sleep.

EE PhoneSmart Licence

EE PhoneSmart Licence is free for everyone, not just EE customers. The online course gives kids the tools and confidence to use their phone safely and responsibly.

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EE PhoneSmart is full of epic interactive stories, fun quizzes and stickers to collect as kids learn how to stay safe and kind online. It only takes about an hour to do.

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Developed in partnership

The EE Beano comic and PhoneSmart has been developed with experts from Internet Matters to make sure they prepare kids appropriately for the phone world.